art by Jordan Kendall (@imjordankendall)


Hunter Ifearnán

Artist, game developer, writer, streamer, gamer, voice actor.
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Hey. Name's Xander Hunter, or rather XENDRAENYX amongst the internet realm.
I draw stuff. I make videos. I play video games. I stream. I make games. Not necessarily in that order.

I'm currently taking a gap year from university. I was at Columbia College Chicago for my first year. I like Chicago, but I wouldn't live there. At least not downtown.

My pronouns are he/they/xe. I'm transmasculine, genderless, demisexual, and gay. Super queer. Fun times.

I'm Chinese, I have terrible eyesight, I'm left-handed, and I'm from Southern California. I slept through an earthquake once and I'm absolutely terrified by lace fabric. I just shivered typing that. I have trypophobia. I also frequently shift into headspaces that are not necessarily my own, but are not completely separated. I also sometimes have depressive episodes or anxiety attacks.
Please handle me gently and with patience and care.

Contact email:
BattleTag: XENDRAENYX#1975
Discord: XENDRAENYX#0666